So what is so special about these guys? Innovah makes it a priority to listen to our clients' needs and deliver the best possible solutions.  

Our solutions are scalable, easy to use and come with powerful administration and management tools. Innovah utilizes the most innovative technologies available to create the best possible experience for the end user.

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Innovah's Clients

Custom Web Solutions

Innovah has over ten years experience developing custom web applications. Our custom applications offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity by providing exciting features such as videos, mobile apps... Our custom applications offer organizations a proven, cost-effective way to deliver modern applications with real business benefits.

Interactive Design

Innovah specializes in developing advanced dynamic applications and animations including impact movies, interactive video, e-learning, audio, animated maps, games and just about anything else you can envision. Innovah enriches the power of websites with eye-catching and stunning visuals the latest web technologies.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Unlike static HTML websites, a dynamic website stores its content, navigation and other information in a database. There are many advantages to this approach, but the most tangible benefit to the end user is the ability to easily manage their website. Familiarity with an application such as Microsoft WORD is all that is needed to manage pages, content, users and documents with our custom designed dynamic websites.

Features of these sites include unlimited users with varying permission levels, access from most internet based computers and a state of the art WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) rich-text editor for managing website content. Our customers that have a custom CMS solution find managing their site easy and efficient -- plus they no longer have to pay monthly maintenance fees.

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Innovah's video management systems allow clients to manage videos and video categories, while reliably delivering them to their audience in a fully branded and lightweight video application. Features include add/edit/delete videos, automatically generated podcast feeds, progressive and real-time streaming capability, no monthly fee and much more.

Social Media

Social networking has changed the way people interact. It has also changed the way businesses grow their brand awareness. The enormous benefits that social networks provide businesses include:

  • Easy, convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.
  • Better understand your customers to develop targeted marketing strategies.
  • Read comments about your business; allowing you to see early warning signs.
  • Keeps your business on the leading edge.

Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular social networking sites; however there are many others including Linked In and Google Plus. Innovah can connect your business with any social media network and help increase your brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you ever asked yourself, "How can I get my website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing?" This can be accomplished with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an internet marketing strategy that improves the visibility of a website in search engines via organic search results as opposed to paying a search engine. Innovah has the knowledge and skills to apply SEO best practices to your website for greater search engine visibility. Ranking ahead of your online competition means more exposure, more traffic and more business.


There are many options available for e-commerce, but where do you start? Innovah has several years of experience in the merchant services industry and offers a wide variety of e-commerce solutions including turnkey solutions. Whether you're looking to test the waters, or ready to jump in with a customized storefront, Innovah can determine the best options for your business and provide you with the tools needed to get up and running.


A microsite is a mini website created for a specific audience with a single purpose. Microsites can be one web page or a cluster of pages and can be linked to your main website or not. Microsites are cost effective and can be launched quickly by our development team.

Learning Management Solutions

Innovah has over 10 years of experience building interactive Learning Management Systems (LMS), also known as e-Learning and Distance Learning.  Our LMSs are scalable, easy to use and come with powerful administrative and management capabilities.  Utilizing the latest technologies and leveraging audio, video, imagery, and HTML, we create interactive and engaging learning experiences for the end user. 

Our development team works closely with our clients to keep them ahead of the technology curve.  We take a proactive role to inform them of the latest web standards and trends allowing their applications to be viewed on all web browsers and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. 

Many of the e-learning solutions on the market are cost-prohibitive due to additional and recurring licensing fees.  Our custom LMS includes unlimited licenses for a cost-effective solution.  We listen to our clients’ needs and provide valuable feedback to ensure that their LMS exceeds their expectations, which is difficult to achieve with off-the-shelf products.


Learning Modules

Our standard LMS comprises of a series of assets stored in a repository. An asset is a single piece of learning content that can be combined and repurposed. LMS administrators can use assets to create lessons, group them into learning modules, and make them available to the end user. Modules can be assigned as a prerequisite prior to accessing subsequent modules.  
Learning assets may include:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • HTML - Using a WYSIWYG editor: add rich text, images, links, etc...
  • Quizzes/Examinations - Answers can be: multiple choice, select all that apply, open text, and rank/scale.
  • Documents/Resources - Any file type may be uploaded to the LMS and available to users as a download.
  • Scheduled Events - May include: rich text, links, call-in information and email reminders.
  • Request Form - Allows an instructor to request written information and/or documents from the end user. An email notification may be sent to the instructor upon form submission.
  • Certificate of Completion - A configurable graphic (PDF) that can be downloaded and printed.


A secure web-based backend tool allows an administrator to easily manage LMS content from anywhere in the world using a web browser. Content management can be performed by non-technical personnel. For example, using the WYSIWYG HTML editor is similar to using Microsoft Word. Multiple roles are available to grant different levels of access to content managers. Our LMS offers the unique advantage of unlimited administrative user licenses.

Design and Branding

A custom LMS allows our clients to tightly integrate their brand into the design.

Additional Features

  • E-Commerce
  • Reporting
  • Hosting
  • Content Protection

Banking & Business Solutions

Bank Advisory Services

One of Innovah's missions is to partner with banks that require a turnkey solution that includes an experienced credit analyst with their own proprietary software that complies with federal regulations. Innovah's bank advisory team has performed thousands of trainings, credit analysis and credit reviews. Our team of experts have worked with every level of bank management, from C level executives to analysts and can accurately calculate and validate key metrics; including Global Cash Flow, Debt Service Coverage and Loan to Value.

Credit Analysis

Credit analysis serves three distinct purposes in the bank: to identify risk, opportunities, and help structure loans properly; to help customers make better business decisions; and to satisfy bank examiners.

Examiners are requiring that financial institutions use credit analysis and loan underwriting software that can cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, there is additional cost and training for the analysts themselves, not too mention lost productivity. Needless to say, this can result in a significant investment of cash and resources.

If you would like to learn more about how Innovah can address your bank's needs, strengthen your bank's portfolio and satisfy your bank examiners please contact us. Excellent references are available.

Risk Ratings

Loan portfolio performance is a top priority for all financial institutions. The key is to be able to identify and assess the risk. The risk-rating system has been around for a number of years, but many banks' models are too subjective and therefore ineffective.

Examiners require banks to implement an objective and qualitative risk rating model. Innovah's proprietary software allows banks to grade their customers effectively and efficiently suing the 5 C's of credit model (Capital, Capacity, Collateral, Conditions & Character).

If you would to learn more about how Innovah can help your bank impress examiners with thorough documentation, objective risk rating methodology, improved evaluation of your portfolio's risk level while avoiding inconsistencies between loan officers and please contact us.

Business Consulting

If you are a leader of a company there is a good chance that you are facing one or more of these challenges:

  • Implementing business turnaround
  • Developing a product or service marketing strategy
  • Planning an international market penetration strategy
  • Increasing your market share
  • And leading your company to profitability

Our business consulting services provide clients an unmatched approach to solve their organizational, marketing, and profitability challenges specializing in:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • International Marketing
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Business Integrations

Innovah has more than 40 years experience with business strategies and can help you achieve your goals with thorough planning and proper execution.




ASP.NET is a fast and lightweight framework for building dynamic web sites, applications and services. It allows you to securely connect to databases, such as MS SQL and MySQL, as well as include video and graphics, social networking, forms and many more features.


Don't you hate spending an eternity on a website waiting for pages to load? AJAX allows web applications to send data to, and retrieve data from, a server simultaneously without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. This ensures your users a more efficient and enjoyable experience navigating your site.


You can't have a website without HTML and the latest version is HTML5. HTML5 provides new mechanisms for exchanging and storing data, displaying fluid animations, streaming audio and video, and integrating with social media.

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript is used in billions of Web pages to add functionality, validate forms, communicate with the server and much more. jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript language that simplifies HTML, event handling, animating, and AJAX interactions for rapid web development. With jQuery, Innovah is able to write less and do more resulting in lower development cost for our clients.

Responsive Design

Innovah uses responsive frameworks which allow web content to be displayed on various computer systems including mobile devices, computer screens and TVs. It wasn't long ago when mobile phones were used just for making phone calls. Now people use their smart phones for just about everything including connecting to the world wide web. TV manufacturers have taken notice and now TVs are built to connect to the Internet as well. Using 3 screen technology makes websites accessible to a much larger audience.

Streaming Media

Streaming media is video, audio, animation and other content sent over the Internet and displayed by the user in real time. With streaming media, a Web user does not have to wait to download a file to play it. Instead, the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives.

Sageworks Analyst

Sageworks Analyst delivers a true global credit analysis solution for businesses, individuals and real estate that includes key metric calculations, real time industry comparison and a narrative financial analysis report. Sageworks Analyst creates clear reports to enable banks to make timely and accurate lending decisions.

Sageworks Certainty

Sageworks Certainty provides banks with a single, dynamic and comprehensive risk rating methodology for their entire loan portfolio. Sageworks Certainty allows banks to be better prepared for examinations by being universal and consistent with their risk ratings including documentation of it's methodology.


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